Rules and Regulations


§1. General Provisions

  1. The Organizer of the photographic competition “Matematyka w obiektywie” (“Mathematics in focus”), hereinafter referred to as the Competition is The Scientific Student Circle of Young Mathematics Instructors at The University of Szczecin, The Szczecin Division of The Polish Mathematical Society and The Institute of Mathematics of The University of Szczecin.
  2. Participation  in the Competition is free of charge.
  3. The language of the Competition is Polish and English.
  4. The Organizer cannot reimburse expenses related to the participation in the Competition.
  5. Competition Participants shall be divided into two age groups:
    1. Group 1 – Participants up to the age of 20 (birthday before or on 31st December of current year);
    2. Group 2 – Participants above the age of 20.
  6. Organizers, members of the Jury, as well as their family members may not participate in the Competition.
  7. The purpose of the Competition is to spark interest in various facets of mathematics among possibly the largest number of people. The Competition is designed for those with the ability to look at the Queen of the Sciences with imagination and to capture their ideas in photographs.
  8. Submission of the photographs declares acceptance of the Competition’s  Rules & Regulations.
  9. The Organizer reserves the right to amend provisions of the Rules & Regulations and to make decisions concerning all any matters not included herein.

 §2. Submission of Entries

  1.  Every Participant may submit no more than 6 photographs.
  2.  Entry submission procedure:
    The Participant must fill out the electronic entry form available online at www.mwo.usz.edu.pl (files, personal data, photograph titles and descriptions).
  3.  The following editing of photographic entries shall be allowed: change of colour depth and contrast, conversion into black and white photos, as well as minor enhancing.
  4.  Competition entries must include only photographs that have not been previously published or submitted to any other competition.
  5.  The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not comply with the requirements specified in the Rules & Regulations.
  6.  By entering the Competition, the Participant declares that he/she is the author of submitted photographs and that he/she is the owner of all the authorship, property and personal rights associated with them.
  7.  By entering the Competition, the Participant shall enter into an agreement of assignment of all the authorship property rights to the Competition Organizer free of charge.
  8.  The Participant shall reserve all the authorship rights to works submitted to the Competition.


§3. Dates and deadlines

  1.   The Competition shall be held to 31th October  current year.
  2.   The deadline for submission of entries (filling out the form and submission of entries) shall be 31th October current  year.


§4. Prizes and honourable mentions

  1. The Jury composed of representatives of The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of The University of Szczecin, The Polish Mathematical Society, The Photographic Society of Szczecin and instructors of mathematics shall select the winners and works deserving honourable mention.
  2. The decision of the Jury’s shall be final and not appealable.
  3. Photographs submitted by the winners and distinguished with honourable mention shall be published along with their author’s personal details. Authors of winning works shall receive commemorative diplomas and advertising souvenirs from The University of Szczecin and special sponsor and partners awards.
  4. The Competition results shall be published at ‘www.mwo.usz.edu.pl’
  5. Furthermore, the winners and authors of distinguished with honourable mention shall be notified by e-mail or telephone.
  6. Prizes and diplomas shall be awarded at the official gala. Participants shall arrive at the gala at their own expense.