Results – 2018


The University of Szczecin is organizing the International Photographic Competition “Mathematics in Focus”  for the ninth time. We are writing to cordially invite you to participate in and promote this project.

The competition supports mathematical education with a view on the process of mathematical thinking and promotes mathematical knowledge and culture. It is open to everyone  and completely free of charge.

Participants (children, adolescents and adults) register on a website and upload photos to which they assign names and descriptions related to mathematics. A main idea of the competition is the combination of the image and the original information about it. Giving a name or title and a mathemtical description changes the  category of the work from photo, which speaks only through the image, to a pair (photo, text) that gives the work a hightened cognitive sense.

The awards for the winners of the competition include Apple Mac Book laptops, tablets, e-book readers, backpacks, books, gadgets, nominations for exhibitions, calendars, books, and original diplomas.

Since the year 2015 also a special prize is awarded by the President of the Polish Mathematical Society for the photo with the most interesting
mathematical description.

Detailed information, registration, downloads of leaflets and presentations of the competition, as well as galleries of the winners’ photos from the years 2010 to 2017, are available at: www.mwo.usz.edu.pl